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Health and Safety Environment Commitment

Health and Safety Environment Commitment
Baruna Cakrawala Group values the health and safety of all employees as the primary driver in our day to day activities. The long-term success of Baruna Cakrawala Group depends on our ability to proactively manage the health, safety and environmental (HSE) aspects of our business while setting objectives and target for improvement. Baruna Cakrawala Group operations is not only empowered, but obligated to top a job that places the health and safety as our main priority.

Long-standing commitment

Baruna Cakrawala Group has a long-standing HSE commitment to the highest standards for the health and safety of our employees, customers, and contractors as well as to the protection of the environment in the communities in which we live and work.

• Aiming to have zero accidents across all the company’s activities;
• Communicating directly and openly with all employees and other staff involved in our activities, providing advice and promoting best practices for operations and work sites;
• Establishing contingent intervention plans and procedures that will enable a fast and effective response to the various types of accidents that might occur. These plans and procedures are updated as necessary following regular accident drills;
• Promoting accident feedback, including that related to near miss, to highlight (potential) risks and consequences;
• Ensuring that all employees receive the appropriate training to carry out their tasks without risk on a regular basis.

Policy Statement, Standards, and Accountability. Policy

Management applies HSE policies and rigorous standards throughout the company. The commitment to this Policy by employees and management of The Baruna Cakrawala Group provides the foundation for risk management and reduction, operational excellence and long term business success.

Strategic objective

We implement this policy by conducting the following strategies:
• Baruna Cakrawala Group Management shall establish long term objective with respect to safety, health, protection of the environment and establish processes, which lead to achieving them.
• Baruna Cakrawala Group will make available resources including manpower, infrastructure, financial, etc. to establish implement maintain and improve OH & S
• Ensuring that Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) considerations are given prevailing status over our other business considerations.
• Ensuring compliance with all relevant legislations and other requirements to which we subscribe.
• Applying a systematic approach to HSE management to achieve continual HSE performance improvement including setting strict HSE objectives and performing regular audits and reviews.
• Ensuring our personnel to be competent for their tasks and further providing HSE training and awareness programmes to manage HSE risks.
Developing communication channels to ensure the HSE policy and its objectives are understood by all our personnel, contractors and customers, and to actively seek their input back and feedback.